Monster Truck Racing - Consolation Race



Tornado vs. Monkey'n Around


Since Monkey'n Around was finally ready and had not run the first round of Racing, Orville Hill was automatically put into the Consolation Race which would decide Racing's 5th and 6th place spots.  Tim Sowell in Tornado drilled the light, leaving Hill and Monkey'n Around in the dust right off the line.  Tim Sowell in Tornado would go on to cross the Finish Line first for 5th place in Racing.


Tim Sowell comes over the first mound while Orville Hill just comes to the top of his first.



Monster Truck Racing - Semi-Finals



Public Disturbance vs. RAMinator


Both trucks got a nice hard launch off the line and were even coming over the first ramp.  They held in the gas and stayed pretty much even to the second ramp and on to the Finish Line where it was very hard to call the winner.  In the end it was Geremie Dishman in RAMinator who was able to sneak across the Finish Line ahead of Public Disturbance.


Public Disturbance and RAMinator launching off the Finish Line.


Both trucks flying towards the Finish Line off the last jump.



Monster Moose vs. Bigfoot


The second heat of the Semi-Finals would involve two big Fords; Bigfoot and Monster Moose.  Off the line Brad Campbell in Monster Moose left Dan Runte sleeping in Bigfoot, but Dan Runte got on the gas hard and gained a lot of ground in no-man's land.  Off the second ramp they were dead even, but it was Dan Runte who got the better jump off the second hill and used his momentum to pass Brad Campbell before the finish line, taking the win and a spot in the Final Round.


Brad Campbell in Monster Moose way ahead of Dan Runte and Bigfoot at the start of the race.


Brad Campbell flies Monster Moose off of the last hill only to have Dan Runte sneak by him for the win in Bigfoot.


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