Monster Truck Racing - Round 1



For Racing, the executive decision was made to abandon the J-Drag course because of just how tight the turns were and Race just the straight line course which would still consist of the usual two moguls.



RAMinator vs. Tornado


Right off the bat, Tim Sowell's slower time put him against the Fast Qualifier Geremie Dishman and RAMinator, which would be a tough task to manage.  Off the line Geremie Dishman got a great launch while Tim eased Tornado off the line.  Dishman kept RAMinator low and straight in no-man's land and went hammer down to the second mogul, where he took to the air and crossed the Finish Line ahead of the local truck Tornado.


Geremie Dishman peaking RAMinator over the first jump as Tim Sowell just comes off the Starting Line.


RAMinator flying off the second roller heading towards the Finish Line as Tim Sowell just comes off it.



Public Disturbance vs. Monster Moose


This race would see the two Washington based team trucks go head to head.  Unfortunately for Jason Grill in the near lane, his boss Brad Campbell in Monster Moose caught him sleeping on the line and ran away with the win, easily moving onto the Semi-Finals.


Monster Moose airborne off the first mound as Public Disturbance only comes to the top of his first mound.


Brad Campbell lands past the Finish Line in Monster Moose, securing the Round 1 victory.



Bigfoot vs. Tornado


Because of the odd number of trucks at the start of the event, Tim Sowell and Tornado was given a second chance in Round 1, but would have to take on Dan Runte in Bigfoot.  Both trucks left the line hard and even, but Dan Runte was able to soak up the jumps with ease and put the foot to it to take the win and move on to the Semis.


Tim Sowell in Tornado (left) and Dan Runte in Bigfoot (right) coming off the Starting Line.


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