Monster Truck Qualifying


The Monster Trucks would actually wind up qualifying on an extremely tight and challenging J-Drag course, starting on the outside of the track and making a tight turn to the inside lane.  Out of the turn the trucks would take on two dirt mounds before coming across the Finish Line.  Each truck would run Qualifying in each lane, with their best time being kept for the Racing brackets.



Public Disturbance


Up first was one of the Washington State trucks, Jason Grill and the Public Disturbance Ford out of Milton, WA.  Jason had some trouble navigating the first turn and wound up clocking in with a time of 13.52 seconds in his first pass, but in his second pass Jason handled the turn flawlessly, crossing the line with a keeping time of 10.28 seconds; a good time to see how the rest of the field would handle the course.


Jason Grill completing his second Qualifying pass in Public Disturbance for a time of 10.28 seconds.





The local from Oklahoma would be up next, but wouldn't fair too well with the turns.  In both passes Tim Sowell had some problems getting through the turns, which significantly slowed his times.  In his first pass Tim ran a time of 18.06 seconds, while in his second pass Tim ran the course in 20.39 seconds.


Tim Sowell running Tornado around the turn in his first run.


Tornado launching off the starting line heading into the turn.


Tim Sowell jumping Tornado over the last mound crocked after crabbing it out of the turn.





Next up would be the Dodge out of the Hall Brothers stable RAMinator driven by Geremie Dishman.  His first pass he ran a time of 11.03 seconds, while in his second run Geremie laid it on and clocked in with a blistering time of 9.68 seconds, taking the quick qualifying spot from Jason Grill and Public Disturbance.


Geremie Dishman launching RAMinator off the line on his second Qualifying pass.





Dan Runte would be the last to qualify, and he knew just what he had to do.  Dan had a good first pass, tying Geremie Dishman's first pass of 11.03 seconds, but knew he would have to improve his time to be competitive.  On his second pass Dan did improve his time by a lot, clocking in at 9.96 seconds, but that just wasn't enough to beat out Geremie's quick time set two runs prior.


Dan Runte charging hard off the line on his second Qualifying pass in Summit Bigfoot.


Bigfoot coming across the line with a time of 9.96 seconds.



Of the four trucks that Qualified this is how the order layed out:






Geremie Dishman

Dan Runte

Jason Grill

Tim Sowell



Public Disturbance








Monster Moose Did Not Qualify because of mechanical difficulty, and Monkey'n Around Did Not Qualify due to arriving to Wichita Falls, TX late.


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