Where does the time go?  A while has passed but a brand new Coverage is finally online; this one being the two Saturday races in Salisbury, MD (2006)!  CFP's Monster Truck Winter Nationals Points Tour charged in with a great line-up and put on great shows throughout the weekend!  Click Here to check it out now!


�Something new that I will be doing is abbreviating the content in the Event Coverages from now on, starting with the latest Coverage (Salisbury, MD 2006).  Up until now every picture had its own caption, but I feel there is no longer a need to caption and/or explain EVERY picture there is in a Coverage.  Many will still be captioned, but a lot will not be.  This is in effort to streamline the site more and let it progress in a positive direction.  I know many people enjoyed the "play-by-play" appeal of captions on all photos, but I feel that it is no longer necessary to label ALL pictures.  I will continue to provide the internet with high quality photos and videos for a long time to come, and have a lot in store!  I pride Monster Truck Central as being the only and last online Monster Truck Coverage site that is truly independent.  No contributors, staff, writers, photographers, etc.  This site and its content is my 'product' and no one else's, and for that I am proud.  So with that said, here's to a good 2007 Race and online year, and I'll see you around!




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