PACE Motorsports brought Monster Trucks to the Nassau Coliseum again in 1998.  This time it was later into the winter season, in late February.  Eight of the world's best Monster Trucks came to race at the Nassau Coliseum this year.  The Trucks that attended the event were:



Carolina Crusher

Devil's Dodge

Monster Patrol


Snake Bite

Sudden Impact



Also at the show was Cannon Lady, Quad Wars, and Cycle Wars.


All of the Monster Trucks except Bigfoot were parked on the coliseum floor before the show.  Some of the Monster Trucks were used to stabilize Cannon Lady's safety net.  Below are a few pictures of the Monster Trucks parked on the coliseum floor before the show.


Monster Patrol and Snake Bite parked on the floor before the show.


Predator, Sudden Impact, and Thrasher before the show.


Carolina Crusher parked as an anchor for the safety net.


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