Monster Truck Qualifying



Play'n For Keeps


First up again was Michigan boy and long time Monster Truck Racer Jessie Birgy.  Jessie was clocked in with a time of 2.91 seconds to start it off.


Jessie Birgy takes Play'n For Keeps off the final jump.




Rich Blackburne took to the track next and clocked in with a much improved time (from his 2:00pm time) of 2.87 seconds.


Rich Blackburne qualifying in the Dodge Demon.



Devil's Dodge


Darren Crossman also was able to improve on his 2:00pm Qualifying run, this time coming across the Finish Line with a 2.79 second pass.


Crossman clocks in with a much better time than in the last event.



Black Jack


The local truck and driver stepped up next and ran a pretty clean run, but it would wind up being a little slower than the 2:00pm time; a 2.81 second pass.


Dave Wapple jumps Black Jack across the Finish Line in Qualifying.





Second to last to Qualify would be New Jersey native Bill Braukmann in Shockwave.  This time Bill was able to get on his game and run a very fast Qualifying run, crossing the Finish Line in just 2.75 seconds, taking the Quick Qualifier spot with just one truck left to make a pass.


Bill Braukmann jumps the yellow Shockwave Chevy off the second hill.





Shane Blair would be tested here as Braukmann's run before him was the same time Shane had at the 2:00pm event that wound up getting him the title of Quick Qualifier.  With that in mind Shane made his pass, kept it clean and blistered the course, clocking in with only 2.40 seconds on the clock!


Shane Blair leaps towards the Finish Line in Bigfoot, securing the evening event's Quick Qualifier spot.



After Shane Blair made his Qualifying run in Bigfoot, the order was as follows:








Shane Blair

Bill Braukmann

Darren Crossman

Dave Wapple

Rich Blackburne

Jessie Birgy



Devil's Dodge

Black Jack


Play'n For Keeps









With Qualifying out of the way it was time to line them up and let them loose in Round 1!


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