Monster Truck Freestyle





Bill Braukmann took the Shockwave Chevy around to the front side of the stack, and began hitting the cars immediately.  Bill took it easy, getting a few jumps in before calling a quits, and would be back to do it again later in the day.


Bill Braukmann in his first hit on the cars.



Bill's final hit in his 2:00pm Freestyle.






Second to last would be the Jersey devil himself, Rich Blackburne in Demon.  Rich pretty much maintained the level of the runs that had been put down before him, getting some air the front end up some, but it would be good enough to give Jessie Birgy's Freestyle a run for it's money.


Blackburne shows the cars who's boss with this opening jump.


Rich comes back around and gets Demon into another nice jump.


Demon comes down from the second jump of the Freestyle.


Rich Blackburne takes Demon over the cars the third and final time.





Shane Blaire would round out the Freestyle field in Bigfoot, and Shane wasted no time letting people know he was here.  It started off with two nice jumps over the cars, but then went to where no one had really done anything all day...air it out some off the Racing lanes!  Shane got a short jump off the near lane's second mogul, and low and behold Shane was able to bring the front end up and ride out a small wheelie, something the fans had not seen so far!  Shane would feel complete with just one more jump, so he took Bigfoot back over to the cars and what was left of the van, and got some pretty decent air over the stack.  Bigfoot landed far beyond the launch point, nearly clearing the row of mangled metal, but Shane - being good with throttle control as he is - was able to get on the gas, bring the front end off the ground again, and ride out a pretty high and decent rebound wheelie off the crush cars!  A beautiful move to end not only his run, but the Freestyle segment of this event!  It was safe to say someone had given Play'n For Keeps a run for the money!




Shane coming back for some more getting another jump in on the cars.


Shane gets some air for Bigfoot off the Racing jump and...


...pulls the front end up into a short but nice to see wheelie.


Shane gave it some gas on his last jump, getting some height in Bigfoot...


...and upon landing was able to ride Bigfoot up into a REAL NICE wheelie, even riding it out some to the end of the track!


Shane Blair emerges from Bigfoot, content with his run.



After Shane's run in Bigfoot all the drivers came out to the floor with Checkered Flag Productions president Ed Beckley for Freestyle judging.


Ed Beckley with (from left to right) Bill Braukmann, Rich Blackburne, Darren Crossman, Jessie Birgy, and Dave Wapple.



At this event there was a clear cut winner in Freestyle...the winner hands down was Bigfoot and driver Shane Blaire, winning the competition with two nicely executed rebound wheelies, which is quite a feat to pull off inside such a small arena where space it just has to be utilized correctly!



The complete Freestyle results are as follows:








Shane Blair

Rich Blackburne

Jessie Birgy

Dave Wapple

Bill Braukmann

Darren Crossman



Play'n For Keeps

Black Jack


Devil's Dodge



After that it was time to get the crushed vehicles out of the way, get fresh ones in, groom the track and get some food before we would do it all over again!


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