Monster Truck Freestyle



As the usual for a CFP event, the track would be open to hit along with the car-van-car-car pyramid in the center of the floor.



Play'n For Keeps


Up first would be Michigan native Jessie Birgy in the Play'n For Keeps Chevy.  Having been in the sport for over 20 years, Jessie knows how to get it done.  Even running an old school truck (the setup, design, even the's the last naturally aspirated gasoline engine in a competition Monster Truck today!) Jessie isn't afraid of anything.  Ask him and he'll tell you, that when many people in the industry are nervous or afraid of running Freestyle first and hitting fresh cars, he'll tell you he just doesn't mind.  It just doesn't bother him.  Jessie's first hit on the cars he only popped the front end up a little bit, but twisted to the side some having to drive out of it.  On his second hit Jessie stood the truck up nicely, planting the rear end into the van and getting the crowd moving.  On his third jump Jessie put Play'n For Keeps into an even nicer wheelstand, getting the front end higher than before, but twisted on the way back down again.  The axles twisted, Jessie got on the gas and was able to drive out of it, and with that called it a night, but not after letting the crowd see some good opening jumps and a great display of control for the beginning of the 2:00 Freestyle competition.


Jessie Birgy hits the stack a little off kilter...


...and winds up falling partially into the near Racing lane...


...but is able to maintain his composure and drive out of it; churning up some dirt as he drives off.


Play'n For Keeps getting a nice hit in on the van for his second jump.


Jessie getting the hang of it puts Play'n For Keeps into a beautiful nose-up wheelstand, but...


...has his work cut out for him as the truck falls back down to Earth, twisting the suspension in every which way...


...before he is able to bring it back down safely, on all fours of course.


Stoked after opening up the afternoon's Freestyle with such a performance, 'Big' Jessie Birgy parks Play'n For Keeps and revs it for the crowd!



Devil's Dodge


Second out would be Larry Birch's Devil's Dodge, with pilot Darren Crossman behind the wheel.  After a bone jarring endo wreck 2 weeks earlier, the team was back and looking to take names.  Darren's run was fairly tame, but he did get some good jumps in getting some air under the front tires on each.  An impressive showing as is, it wouldn't be enough to win over the crowd from what Jessie Birgy had accomplished before him.


Darren Crossman standing up the Devil's Dodge truck on his first hit.



Darren Crossman getting some air over the cars in Devil's Dodge.


Crossman taking Devil's Dodge over the cars one last time.


Devil's Dodge falling back to Earth at the end of the run.



Black Jack


Rounding out the first half of Freestylers would be Dave Wapple and Black Jack.  Dave came out aggressively and began hitting the cars right off, getting some decent air under the front end.  After his first jump Dave whipped the truck around and would become the first one to take the stack on from the opposite end, getting another good jump off of it.  One more jump in each direction would put a cap on it for the Black Jack team, with driver Dave Wapple having laid down a pretty good run for his supportive crowd.


Dave Wapple iron-walls the cars in Black Jack to start off his run.



Black Jack gets some air over the cars; the first jump of the night in this direction.



Dave Wapple finishes off his run with one more good wheelstand, heading towards the Starting Line.



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