Monster Truck Racing: Finals



Bigfoot vs. Black Jack


Two Fords would battle it out here for First and Second place; in the near lane the home state truck Black Jack, and in the far lane the legendary Bigfoot from Missouri.  The two trucks staged, and when the green light flashed they left the line simultaneously.  After the first hill though, it was once again the suspension of Bigfoot that soaked up the landing and let Shane gain some ground, pulling into the lead heading towards the second ramp.  Both trucks took to the air, and it would be Shane Blaire taking the #1 spot by only a tire length.


Black Jack and Bigfoot stage just moments before the green.


Charging towards the first hill...


and it was Shane Blair that snatched the win from local Dave Wapple, who would have to settle for second place.



After the Final Round, the Racing order was as follows:









Black Jack


Devil's Dodge


Play'n For Keeps

Shane Blaire

Dave Wapple

Bill Braukmann

Darren Crossman

Rich Blackburne

Jessie Birgy


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