Monster Truck Racing: Consolation Race



From the last heat of Round 1, it was determined that Devil's Dodge would move onto the Semi-Finals as the Fast Loser.  Here to duke it out for 5th place would be the two eliminated from Round 1.  Over in the far lane Rich Blackburne had the advantage because of power and technology.  He was able to get Demon off the line quick, and easily held the lead until the end of the run.


Rich Blackburne takes the win off the second hill in Demon.


Jessie Birgy comes over the second hill a few truck lengths behind Rich in Demon.



Monster Truck Racing: Semi-Finals



Devil's Dodge (FL) vs. Black Jack


Round 1 winner and Maryland native Dave Wapple in Black Jack wanted to shut down any chance Devil's Dodge had of advancing, so Dave made sure to get a good start.  Get a good start he did, jumping to a tire and a half lead after the first ramp.  Dave laid on the throttle some and kept that lead, crossing the Finish Line ahead of Darren Crossman and Devil's Dodge, advancing to the Finals.



 Dave Wapple keeps his lead, from the hole shot off the start all the way to the end.



Bigfoot vs. Shockwave


A classic Ford vs. Chevy match-up, this run proved to be a good one.  Both trucks left the line at virtually the same time.  In no-man's Bigfoot who was able to soak up the landing better because of the nitrogen shocks and charge to the second jump, launch and cross the Finish Line ahead of Shockwave.



Shane Blair and Bigfoot narrowly eliminates Bill Braukmann and Shockwave.



With the Semi-Finals out of the way, there is only one more Race left!


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