Monster Truck Racing: Round 1



Demon vs. Black Jack


The first match-up proved to be a good one.  The two trucks left simultaneously but it was Dave Wapple who was able to get over the first ramp first in Black Jack.  Richie Blackburne got on the gas in no-man's land, trying to play catch-up.  Demon was able to make up some ground but it came to late; Dave Wapple won in Black Jack crossing the Finish Line first while Rich in Demon passed him mid-air, but after Black Jack had already taken the win.



Demon catches up to and passes Black Jack in an attempt that proved to be 'too little, too late'.



Shockwave vs. Play'n For Keeps


Next up would be two older styled trucks.  Off the line Bill Braukmann was able to get a jump over Birgy and Play'n For Keeps, and held it in until the second jump, where Bill was able to grab some air and take the win.


Jessie Birgy churns up the dirt as he charges to the second ramp in no-man's land.


Bill Braukmann flatlands Shockwave just after crossing the Finish Line for the Round 1 win.



Bigfoot vs. Devil's Dodge


Wrapping up the first Round would be the Bigfoot and Devil's Dodge trucks.  Shane Blaire got Bigfoot off the Starting Line a little bit ahead of Crossman and Devil's Dodge, but that was all he needed.  Shane took it through no-man's land and took it to the Finish Line to edge out the Dodge by about a truck length.


Shane Blaire gets the wholeshot in the near lane.


Mid-air, Darren Crossman gets to the Finish Line a little behind Bigfoot.


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