Monster Truck Qualifying


As usual the Monster Truck track would consist of 2 straight line lanes each with 2 jumps.



Play'n For Keeps


First up was Michigan boy and long time Monster Truck Racer Jessie Birgy, a legend in his own right.  Jessie lined it up and went hammer down, running a pretty good time of 2.87 seconds...not bad at all for being the last naturally aspirated Monster Truck competing in America!


Play'n For Keeps crosses the line in the first run of the night.





A somewhat local truck would make a pass next; although from New Jersey, Rich wasn't too far from home.  Rich took it a little conservatively and clocked in with a 3.25 second run for the 2:00 Qualifying Round.


Rich Blackburne jumps Demon off the second roller during Qualifying.



Devil's Dodge


After having to cancel the prior weekend's events because of a wreck two weeks earlier, the Devil's Dodge truck was back on the scene looking real sharp.  The hired gun Darren Crossman was able to complete the course with a time of 3.75 seconds.


Devil's Dodge completing its Qualifying run in Salisbury.



Black Jack


As Dave Wapple pulled Black Jack onto the course you could hear the crowd get behind their home state truck!  Dave line it up and let it go when the green light flashed, and crossed the Finish Line after just 2.75 seconds, beating out Jessie Birgy's previously set time of 2.87 seconds!


Dave Wapple jumps Black Jack long off the second roller to bump himself into the current Quick Qualifier spot.





The other New Jersey native would have the second to last Qualifying spot, and was able to navigate the hills in 3.12 seconds.  Although a good pass, it wouldn't be enough to move high up in the Qualifying rank.


Bill Braukmann qualifies in the Shockwave Chevy.





Shane Blair would round out the Qualifying field, and would have a pretty quick time to beat...the 2.75 seconds previously set by Dave Wapple in Black Jack.  Shane Blair left perfectly, and had a good run, but not as good as he wanted.  Tying Wapple's time of 2.75 seconds, Shane Blaire and Bigfoot had to settle with sharing the Quick Qualifying spot.


Shane Blaire completes his Qualifying pass in Bigfoot.



The Qualifying results were as follows:








Shane Blair

Dave Wapple

Jessie Birgy

Bill Braukmann

Rich Blackburne

Darren Crossman


Black Jack

Jessie Birgy



Devil's Dodge








With Qualifying out of the way it was time to go bracket Racing!  Click "Next Page" for Round 1!