Where most sports are seasonal, Monster Truck Racing is just the opposite. With events nearly every weekend of the year, there is no shortage of races, and the winter season of Monster Truck Racing is regarded as the sport’s biggest and busiest season.  One of the top promoters is CFP Racing based out of Texas, and in the last couple of years Ed Beckley, the president, has kept the company growing.  A regular stop on the tour is here in Salisbury, MD, with an average of 6 Monster Trucks for that show.  This year’s Salisbury Race saw some veteran CFP racers, as well as some new faces to CFP.  The biggest news of the weekend was Rich Blackburne’s brand new Demon, which was originally booked for the show, but because of mechanical gremlins was not able to make it.  In Demon’s place, the hometown boy (who just happened to have this weekend off) was called in.  This was none other than Rick Disharoon and Backdraft from Delmar, MD.  The full line-up for 2004 consisted of:


Towasaurus Wrex

Owner/Driver: Jeff Bursey

Hometown: Dracut, MA



Owner/Driver: Rick Disharoon

Hometown: Delmar, MD



Owner/Driver: Mike Hawkins

Hometown: Catlett, VA


Mopar Magic

Owner/Driver: Jack Brady

Hometown: Exton, PA



Owner/Driver: Bill Braukmann

Hometown: Somerville, NJ



Owner/Driver: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc./Eric Meagher

Hometown: St. Louis, MO


Wizard Ride Truck


Richard, Gina, and Steven Walker brought the beautiful Wizard Ride Truck to Salisbury for the weekend, and any time it was up and running there was a BIG line!


This year the folks at CFP really took care of me, providing my mom and I with weekend passes.  A BIG Thanks goes to Ed and Linda Beckley, and Shawn Hancock for setting everything up.  Thank you for taking care of us for the weekend!


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