After a long hard three and a half months of Teams criss-crossing the country on the Checkered Flag Productions Winter Nationals Tour, it came down to the 2005 Season Grand Nationals/Winter Finals once again in beautiful Pocatello, ID.  Ed and Linda Beckley of CFP came again to Idaho State University, bringing 8 of their top trucks to compete for not only the Winter Championship Race, but to crown a Points Champion.


Idaho State University's HOLT ARENA - home of the ISU Bengals Football Team.



The eight Monster Trucks that came to Idaho to battle it out would include the 2004 CFP Winter Nationals Point Champion, Michael Harper in Carolina Crusher!


Carolina Crusher

Owner/Driver: Michael Harper

Hometown: Wadesboro, NC



Owner/Driver: Scott Anderson

Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID



Owner/Driver: Rob French/Billy Chapin

Hometown: Brookfield, MA



Owner/Driver: Kevin Koszala

Hometown: Saranac, MI


Bad Boy

Owner/Driver: Rob French

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL



Owner/Driver: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc./Dave Woodcock

Hometown: St Louis, MO



Owner/Driver: Scott Anderson/Matt Powers

Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID


Sheer Insanity

Owner/Driver: Ged Barcroft

Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta, CANADA


Firestorm Ride Truck

Owner/Driver: Paul Mayfield

Hometown: Langley, British Columbia, CANADA



The Race Track would be an awesome side-by-side straight line course with each lane consisting of three rollers.  Right off the line saw the first roller.  A longer no-man's land to the second roller with a buried car, and a short no-man's land to the third and final roller, and finally the finish line.  How the drivers took the course and what rhythm they chose would be only one of the deciding factors of the night's action.


A good look at the track shortly before race time.


Before the show as well was a huge pit party where fans were invited down onto the floor to get up close to the Monster Trucks, Ride the Firestorm Ride Truck, see the drivers, and check out some HOT Show-N-Shine trucks!


Only minutes before show time - a look at the track and a nearly sold out crowd at ISU!



Before we get into the actual event, a big Thank You goes to Ed and Linda Beckley for providing me and my parents access to the show.  A huge amount of work goes into each and every show, and a big Thank You again for having us as your guests!



Ed and Linda Beckley also brought Tuff Trucks to the 2005 Grand Nationals, which as usual were a blast to watch.  My photos of the Tuff Truck competition highlights can be found on my partnering website, Pro Arena Truck World.


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