These are the Remote Control vehicles that I own, race, and bash.  And believe me, I run them hard, whether it's in my backyard or at the race track!  Soon I will have photo/video pages for each, including photo galleries of the builds for each of them.


This truck started out as a bone-stock TRAXXAS E-Maxx in February 2002 which I modified some over the next year.  After that I put it aside to build my T-Maxx (below) but when I picked it back up, built it with a whole new bad attitude: BRUSHLESS power!



My Project T-Maxx started out as...well, nothing.  I built this from scratch, only starting with an engine, exhaust pipe, and air filter.  As time progressed, I bought more and more to build the truck until I had just that - a finished Project .21 Big Block T-Maxx!



This Associated RC10 T4 started out stock, which to I added some slight modifications.  Hopefully soon I will be putting in a Brushless motor and controller for some LIGHTNING FAST SPEEDS!



**More information, including build pictures, modifications lists, and information will be added for each of these trucks at later dates.**


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