Just a few weeks after the Checkered Flag Productions Monster Truck Winter Nationals openers in Salem, VA and Wichita Falls, TX, CFP would find themselves in 3 venues across the country for some hot Monster Truck Racing action.  To start off my weekend we head out to Johnstown, PA...the one (there's three Johnstowns in Pennsylvania) in Cambria county (it's pretty far west into Pennsylvania).  On a good note though, there were 5 great trucks waiting to heat up the War Memorial Arena in the middle of winter.  The year prior a snow storm kept many fans away, and this year would be the same with a lot of rain and snow falling during the week of the event.  The real fans, however, stuck it out and showed up that Friday night and gave the support that the drivers, crews, and staff love to see so much.


The eternal flame burns strong outside the Cambria County War Memorial Arena, which is dedicated to all those who have served and all those who have been lost in combat fighting for the greatest country, the United States of America.  As the memorial states (lower left), "FREEDOM IS NOT FREE".


The five Monster Trucks parked in the pit area prior to introductions.


Finally, let's meet the machines and the men that run them ragged!


Mopar Magic

Owner/Driver: Jack Brady

Hometown: Exton, PA




Hot Stuff

Owner/Driver: Bill Payne/Casey Ladelle

Hometown: Potter Valley, CA


High Voltage

Owner/Driver: Bill Payne

Hometown: Bremerton, WA





Owner/Driver: Sudden Impact Racing/Sean Duhon

Hometown: New Orleans, LA



Owner/Driver: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc./Dave Harkey

Hometown: Staunton, IL



With driver Introductions out of the way, it was time for Monster Truck Qualifying!


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