After being in Salisbury, MD for the CFP Winter Nationals Race at the end of January I was informed about a KSR Motorsports (Jack Brady) show that would be coming to the Delaware State Fair in Harrington, DE the weekend after Bloomsburg.  The show would be one of KSR Motorsports' larger shows, and one of the only ones on Jack Brady's tour that featured not only Freestyle, but Racing as well.  Jack brought 7 Monster Trucks to rumble down the front stretch of the Fair's Harness Racing track on a side-by-side straight line drag and later the Freestyle competition.



Originally it was my plan to arrive at the Fair and be at the track for the Monsters early - around 5:00 I was supposed to be there for the 7:30 show.  I left at the planned time of 12:30, but only 30 miles after leaving home of a 235 mile drive (one way) we hit some bad traffic because of rain, accidents, and more bad weather.  It took us 2 hours to do the first 90 miles total, and after that we boogied down to Delaware where we still ran into some problems - but as we got further south the weather let up, and we got to the Fairgrounds at 7:00, where the weather was clearing up as it looked like it had rained there, too.  Now...enough of the chit chat, let's meet the Monsters!



**No introduction/posing pics due to arriving behind schedule**




Owner/Driver: Ron Schimco

Hometown: New Castle, DE



The Broker

Owner/Driver: Jim Leahy

Hometown: Manahawkin, NJ




Owner/Driver: Rich Blackburne

Hometown: Aberdeen, NJ



Mopar Magic

Owner/Driver: Jack Brady/Kenny Martin

Hometown: Dover, DE



Towasaurus Wrex

Owner/Driver: Jeff Bursey/Greg Anderson

Hometown: St. Paul, MN



Snake Bite

Owner/Driver: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc./Eric Meagher

Hometown: St. Louis, MO




Owner/Driver: Bigfoot 4x4, Inc./Dave Woodcock

Hometown: St. Louis, MO



Eric Meagher and the Bigfoot Team Snake Bite Monster Truck.


The Walker family was also on hand running their Wizard Ride Truck, which looked just as good as always thrilling tons of fans with rides through turns 1 and 2 of the Harness Racing Track, complete with dirt moguls for that Monster Ride Feeling!



Before I knew it (literally) it was time to go Racing!


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