Welcome to a new feature of Monster Truck Central, where you will be able to see some teaser shots from the latest event I have been to.  Since this is a brand new feature, below are some teasers from all of the events I have attended in 2006 so far!  Hopefully this feature will be able to hold everyone in suspense and keep everyone satisfied until the full Event Coverage is posted, here on Monster Truck Central!



�To start 2006 off I visited Ed Beckley's current home state of Texas, for a CFP event in Wichita Falls, TX.  Click the link for the full Event Coverage!


�Not even two weeks later I found myself in Johnstown, PA for the weekend opener there, and heading to Salisbury, MD (Coverage added 1/30/07!) later that night for a Saturday double header!  Click the links above for the full Friday Johnstown Event Coverage and full Saturday Salisbury Event Coverage!



Uniondale, NY - February 10-11, 2006


Two weeks after the triple header weekend of CFP events and 1,000 miles logged on the road, I was able to enjoy my days and head out not too far for what has become a 'tradition' for me.  The USHRA race in Uniondale was my first ever Monster Truck Race back in 1997, and since then I have always gone to at least one of the weekend's events every year.  This year would mark the 10th year going, and the1st year I'd attend more than one night's action.


Friday night was wild.  I brought my best friend along, who had never seen Monster Trucks in person (or on TV I don't think) and he was absolutely blown away by what these machines can do.  The action was hot - rolls, close Racing, and awesome Freestyle.


Here in Freestyle Friday night "Hot Wheels" takes a HARD (and LOUD) hit; tearing the windshield, sending a bump-stop flying, and blowing the left front steering ram.


Later that night Neil Elliott wrecked "Maximum Destruction" off the FMX landing ramp, making the crowd go wild.


2006 marked Dennis Anderson's return to Uniondale in "Grave Digger".


Saturday night it was Dennis Anderson taking the Racing win again.


But Freestyle got the best of Dennis when Digger had a bad launch.



Pocatello, ID - April 8, 2006


Up until this point there had been a grueling cross-country tour going on, with many trucks and drivers compiling points to go to the Grand Nationals/Winter Nationals Winter Finals in Pocatello.  A few spots back in the points was Brad Campbell in Monster Moose, but the long shot was looking to make a move.


With the Holt Arena's huge floor, we at CFP were able to make a course that would deliver both for the Racing AND Freestyle fans alike!


Brad Campbell, driver of "Monster Moose" is shown here with CFP President Ed Beckley after taking the Racing win.


The points leader Geremie Dishman and "RAMinator" struggled in Racing, but came back with a pretty good Freestyle performance.


Idaho's Scott Anderson rocked Freestyle, later winning the contest.


A scary moment came when Rick Long almost endoed off the bus.


Rich Blackburne was solid all night, later finishing 5th in points.


With a good Freestyle Bard Campbell and "Monster Moose" were able to take the 2006 Winter Nationals Points Championship!


Brad Campbell, the 2006 Winter Nationals Champion poses with his truck and trophy just after being announced the office CFP Winter 2006 Champion!



Mattituck, NY - May 20, 2006


Between shows in April and June I was able to sneak out to a local exhibition put on by KSR Motorsports with Demon.  Richie Blackburne would be doing two exhibitions that day in Demon on some unsuspecting cars as part of a local fair/festival in Mattituck.


Rich Blackburne and "Demon" tear it up during the afternoon Freestyle exhibition at Strawberry Fields.


Rich Blackburne and Jack Brady of (KSR Motorsports) replace a broken hydraulic steering cylinder in between Freestyle exhibitions.


Demon was fixed in plenty of time for the night's Freestyle exhibition, shown here relaxing during some fireworks to end the night's festivities.



Des Moines, IA - June 3, 2006


June 3 marked the Summer opener for Checkered Flag Productions.  The hot weather left one question...would the action be even hotter?  The crowd on hand was huge - nearly 7,000 people packed the stands to witness the Monster Trucks duke it out on a hot June evening!  Pictures would come strictly from Racing as storm clouds rolled in but never wet the action, and the sun setting of course.  The full Event Coverage will include Freestyle videos!


The gorgeous "Predator" Ride Truck was on hand thrilling fans in the dark Iowa clay.


Larry Quick shocked all in his new "Reaper", being the 'quick' Qualifier.


Dark storm clouds threatened during the Semis; here as team trucks "Sudden Impact" and "Excaliber" face off.



Harrington, DE - July 23, 2006


Moving down the line, back on the East Coast would be the return of Jack Brady's KSR Motorsports 'Night of Fire and Destruction' Monster Truck Freestyle and Thrill show!  After a year of absence, Jack was back with a vengeance and brought in the 2 biggest names in all of Monster Trucks...Bigfoot AND Grave Digger!  5 other Monsters including Jack in his very own Mopar Magic completed the Monster Truck field.  Round 1 was covered by both still photo and video cameras, but as night fell the switch was made to strictly video for the second round of Monster Truck Freestyle.


Here Brandon Harrington opens up his Freestyle with a BIG launch in the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" truck!


Pat Summa and "Thrasher" had some great wheelies all night long.


A sticky gas pedal lead to some jumps like this for "Demon".


Gary Porter opened up his first run in "Grave Digger with this nice hit.


Rick Long in "Bigfoot" pulled off some trademark wheelies as well.



Riverhead, NY - September 3, 2006


To finish out the Summer 2006 season we would visit my local 1/4 mile asphalt oval, Riverhead Raceway.  The promoter was again KSR Motorsports based out of Pennsylvania, but unfortunately the usual double-header weekend would be cut in half as ALL of Saturday's races and attractions were rained out.  With no rain day allocated for Saturday's events, Sunday would turn out to be the only day of action for Riverhead in 2006.


Jack Brady proved that his old-school "Mopar Magic" can still put on a show.


One of the 2 Bigfoot trucks in attendance was the original skin colored red "Snake Bite", driven by Keith Sturgeon.


Once again we would see Rick Long in "Bigfoot", who put on a fantastic show to close out Sunday's Freestyle competition.



Well, that's it...for now!  I have one more [known] event to attend this year, and that is Checkered Flag Productions' Fall stop in Billings, MT.  The line-up is outrageous...2006 CFP Winter Nationals Points Champ Monster Moose, plus: Public Disturbance, Hot Stuff, High Voltage, Maniac, Jurassic Attack, and Bigfoot!  This line-up is part of the reason I am going to this event in particular...with a line-up like that it is sure to ROCK!


Billings, MT - November 11, 2006 (ADDED 11/12/06!)


Last night in Billings, MT the CFP Crew rocked the house with an awesome line-up of seven Monster Trucks from both the United States and Canada!  The Racing was fierce, and the Freestyle was awesome!  It all made up for a great action packed event, and a sign of what is to come from CFP this winter!


Making headlines was the brand new paint job on the Hot Stuff Jeep!


The Racing action was HOT throughout the night.  Pictured here, BOTH Casey Ladelle in Hot Stuff and Rick Long in Bigfoot get on the binders!


Washington state Team Trucks Monster Moose and Public Disturbance had a good night in front of the nearly sold out Billings crowd.


The Semi-Finals got wild here when Bill Payne had a bad bounce over the second jump in High Voltage.  The truck was thrown around the arena like a toy: up on the nose, then the left side, then 1 front wheel, and then onto the right side...


...where Bill Payne was able to finally bring High Voltage to a halt!


Freestyle started out rough, here as Casey Ladelle flips Hot Stuff for the 4th time in just 5 weeks.


Don Frankish in Maniac ignited the crowd with a wild Freestyle run.


The other Canadian truck, driven by Nathan Weenk also showed well throughout the night, representing Canada very well!


With the Billings race complete, it looks like my 2006 Race year has come to an end.  It has been an incredible year though, seeing some great action across the country in 8 states; from New York to Texas, Delaware to Idaho, and more.  2007 looks to be another good year for Monster Truck Central, and I look forward to seeing where the winter will bring me!  For now, enjoy these teaser shots until the complete Coverages come around.  They're comin'!


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