For those of you who are familiar with my site from when it was open in 2000, and knew of it when I had to shut it down in February of 2001, you remember I was having a picture problem with whatever pictures I would put on my site.  At the time, I didn't know what the cause of the problem was.  I thought it had to do with my website server, so I tried a different server, but the same things happened.


After that I didn't know what to do, or even what the problem actually was for that matter, so I shut the site down.  I was able to find out that it was a problem that AOL Members (myself included) were experiencing, because of AOL's Compressed Graphics Option.  AOL would automatically compress ALL IMAGES, and somewhere in that process my images would lose quality and become "blotchy".  This option can be turned OFF if the directions are followed correctly.


**AOL Members, please follow these instructions to guarantee the best Monster Truck Central viewing quality:


1.) In America Online, load the settings window (the settings 'main' window can be brought up by typing in Keyword: "settings".

2.) If the "settings" list is alphabetized (for example), look at the "I" section and select the link that says "Internet [Web] Options".

3.) Once inside those options, look for a section that says "Web Graphics Compression" (this may be in a separate tab, depending on your version of AOL).

4.) There will be several options available under this title (usually around 3 or so).  Be sure to check the box next to "Never Compress Graphics".

5.) Once that box is checked off, hit "Save" or "Apply" to confirm settings.

6.) Exit the "settings" window in AOL.

7.) Log off of AOL and log back on to continue.


*Viewers with DSL, cable, broadband, etc. will have little or no effect download speeds because of their high speed internet*


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