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        About Monster Truck Central


Monster Truck Central is an Event Coverage website loaded with tons of high quality media, and is based out of Long Island, NY.  Here you can find a lot of Monster Truck action from not only the Northeastern United States, but also from around the country.  Monster Truck Central is an independently run and maintained website, using no outside help, or 'freelancers' or 'contributors' as they are called.  This means that if you see media on this website, I was there live at that event to capture it myself.  Event Coverages with photos and videos are usually shot by two people - I will take pictures as my Mom or a friend takes video for me.  This is something I take a lot of pride in, as what you see here is my 'product'.  Something which I think many Monster Truck Coverage sites have gotten away from since they use many people to contribute media to their site.  Monster Truck Central is me, and that is something I am proud of.


The history of Monster Truck Central actually goes back several years.  Monster Truck Central was created and formed in June of 2000, and over time the site has undergone changes, updates, and more since its conception to become what it is today.  Throughout the time that Monster Truck Central has been online, it has actually been closed temporarily due to a graphics problem with the first scanner used to scan printed photos into my computer, but a few months later, the problem was made apparent to me and I was able to clear it up, and soon after that Monster Truck Central was re-launched on January 1, 2002.  It has been online since then, with much success.  Although it has seen two dry spells in updates since then (one in December of 2004 due to switching the entire site to a DNS server, and then again from September 2005 to May 2006 as the website got a slight makeover) hits and E-Mails continued to pour in regarding Monster Truck Central.


Now with a fresh, new, clean look to Monster Truck Central, viewers can enjoy all the media and results that it has to offer, spanning nearly 10 years of great action.  With the new way the pages are setup, updates to Monster Truck Central (such as its focus - Event Coverages) will be able to be put online many times quicker than before!  There is a lot coming to the site, and I hope you enjoy your visit to Monster Truck Central!



        About Me - Brian Stellabotte


My name is Brian Stellabotte.  I am a huge Monster Truck fan, but more importantly a Motorsports fan overall.  From NASCAR Nextel Cup to NHRA, I love it!  The bottom line is that I am a complete gearhead.  I am 18 years old, and actually started the site shortly before my 13th birthday.  Before then, I had always seen a few Monster Truck fan/coverage sites on the internet get their updates, and always wanted to have one of my own to share my pictures (and later videos) with everyone else.  In May of 2000 I finally took matters into my own hands and took the steps to becoming a webmaster, and started Monster Truck Central.



My first Monster Truck race was in Uniondale, NY in January 1997 - about 30 miles from my home.  After 3 or 4 years of seeing the Monster Truck race commercials on TV and asking my parents if we could go and being told "Maybe next year", the decision was made that we were finally going as it had been put off year after year.  Arriving at the Coliseum that day, I had NO idea what to expect; but from then I was HOOKED!  I was 9 at the time, and since then it has been a complete snowball effect, wanting to go to more races and see more trucks each year.


To date I have been to many states for Monster Truck races, and that list keeps on expanding as well.  Last year I teamed up with Ed Beckley of Checkered Flag Productions, Inc. to do his website, and launched a brand new company site on January 14, 2006.  Thanks to working with Ed I have been able to get to races all over the place that I would not have been able to go to otherwise, including Texas, Idaho, Iowa, Montana and more.  My goal is to eventually get to at least 1 Monster Truck race in each state at some point in my life...and so far I have to say, I think I'm doing pretty good!


In June of 2005 I graduated from High School, and that September I began college classes at nearby Hofstra University with my declared major being Business Management.  My hobbies include Monster Trucks (like I needed to tell you that though), NASCAR Nextel Cup, NHRA, Remote Control Monster Trucks, Hot Rods/Muscle Cars/Classic Cars & Trucks, Saltwater Fishing & Boating, Photography, working on my car (1980 Chevy Monte Carlo, pictured below), and making money (but hey, who doesn't love that?).  Let's not forget though...going to the beach, girls, and hanging out with friends!


My 1980 Chevy Monte Carlo.


A lot of my time is spent at my job, White Water Marine.  We are a custom sportsfish boat dealership; one of the largest and most reputable in the Northeast.  With that, I'm sure you can see why exactly I like to go saltwater fishing inshore and offshore!


Looking into the future I hope to have a career at White Water Marine, while maintaining all of my hobbies in whatever spare time I can find, just as I do now.  I look at May 2006 being a fresh start for me and Monster Truck Central, and cannot wait to bring you coverage from so many different places.  I hope you enjoy your visit here, and make Monster Truck Central a place you come back to often!



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